NPS – Swavalamban

Launched in 2009 by Government of India, the National Pension Scheme from PFRDA made way for every working citizen of India to save part of their income for their pension. To extend the coverage of NPS to the weaker and economically disadvantaged sections of the society with their limited investment potential, NPS- Swavalamban (Lite) was launched which promotes small savings during their productive life, in order to prevent economic deprivation in later stages of their lives.

As an aggregator of the National Pension Scheme (NPS), CreditAccess Grameen collects contribution amount from our customers during the weekly centre/ Kendra meetings.This initiative not only saves time and money of our clients, who otherwise would have had to travel to the nearest NPS aggregators who are mostly located in urban/semi urban areas, it makes them aware of the available facilities that our Government provides.

The scheme does not require any mandatory monthly/yearly deposits. The amount can be decided as per the financial capacity of the member. Continued investment in the scheme will help our clients earn a decent pension in the future. To ensure that they understood the product and its benefits completely before they decide to enroll for the same CreditAccess Grameen has designed a Training sessions for them.