CSR Activities

1. CSR Activities


CreditAccess Grameen as part of its CSR program conducts various activities on awareness. The activities have been spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. The outreach of these activities has crossed over 2 million people since inception. The CSR activities are conducted across 220 branches of CreditAccess Grameen. The social activities have been classified into three major programs and various sub-activities are executed under each of the programme. Various programs that are executed are as below,

  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Program
  • Sushikshana Program
  • Sugrama Program
  • New Initiatives planned in the FY 17-18

Each of the programs are executed by conducting various events at the Village, Gram Panchayat, Taluk and District level reaching customers and public. Details of various programs executed in the FY 2017-18 are given below in detail.

5% of our Annual net profit or 5 Crore whichever is lower subject to minimum contribution towards CSR as per the Companies Act, 2013, is spent for awareness on Safe Water, Sanitation, Financial Literacy and Social awareness activities.

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Program

Primary objective of the program is to create awareness on water and sanitation to a large number of people (both customers and general public). The aim of the program is to create awareness through various innovative approaches with an approach to reach the people from the village level to the district level. These programs mainly educate the community about the risks of open defecation and its impact on the environment such as soil pollution, pollution of water source etc. The program penetrates the last mile through a structured implementation process. Various programs conducted during the FY 17-18 in the area of WASH are given below,

  1. Branch Staff Training on WASH- CreditAccess Grameen staff are oriented with the importance of WASH. Various aspects of WASH are embraced to customers and empowered them to answer our customers in case if they have any queries. Focus will be on impact of poor sanitation practices on the health and further its impact on community.
  2. Kendra Member Orientation- WASH awareness session for CreditAccess Grameen customers is provided during the Kendra meeting. This orientation covers importance of clean drinking water, safe sanitation practices, personal hygiene and information about WASH loan products.
  3. Gram Panchayat Level Awareness Program (GPLAP) – This program is conducted at the Gram Panchayat headquarters. The 2-hour program is attended by CreditAccess Grameen customers, village leaders, social activists, Gram Panchayat elected body representatives, youth and representatives from other local associations. The program helps to create mass awareness about the importance of WASH involving the community in finding solutions to the water & sanitation challenge in their daily life.
  4. Street Plays – Street plays on the importance of safe drinking water, hygienic sanitation practices and importance of having good health is played on the streets of various villages. Rural tradition of mass appeal is used to reach a wider audience through wit, songs and dramatization to create a high impact. The audience for the street plays include the public as well as Grameen Koota customers.
  5. Wall Painting – To provide the relevant information on construction of toilets, water storage and safe drinking water, a prominent location in the village is selected and the content is painted on the wall. These paintings contain attractive pictorials with impactful messages about water, sanitation, health and hygiene. Walls of public spaces, such as Panchayat schools or offices are used for the purpose.
  6. Social Awareness Campaign – Social Awareness Campaigns (SAC) are an informal platform for the CreditAccess Grameen customer and local community to interact with representatives from the local administration. It also offers district officials across block, panchayat and taluk levels a communication platform for the effective dissemination of messages about WASH, government schemes, financial inclusion, safety and several other social issues.  The intent of the program is to explore development solutions collaboratively with the community and their elected representatives.The sessions include live demonstrations of hygiene techniques, guest talks, Question & Answer, film clips, group discussions, audience activities and customer feedback.
  7. Flyer Distribution – During the various awareness campaigns, flyers containing material on safe water and sanitation is distributed to CreditAccess Grameen customers and local people. This not only helps to educate them but also acts as an information source to their family members.
  8. Toilet Construction under Branch Level Community Development Activities (BLCDA) – BLCDA focused to reach government schools in a few select operational areas to provide them with toilets. Schools were contacted and based upon the request from the concerned authorities, two toilets were constructed in these schools. 50 such schools were selected in Karnataka and Maharashtra states and toilets were installed in these Govt. schools for girls and boys. Below table gives the list of schools across two states.


Sushikshana program uses an interactive approach. Various sessions on noncurricular activities are conducted mainly targeting the high school students. WASH to 8th standard children, Financial Literacy to 9th standard students and Career Guidance to 10th standard students are the sessions covered in this program. The sessions are conducted for students of government and aided schools. Sessions are organized by the Development Officers by using audio-visual contents, games and providing booklets,

  1. WASH Training Session (8th): WASH training session is to support and develop the culture of using toilets by giving awareness to students about importance’s of personal hygiene. The ulterior objective is to leverage this opportunity to influence their parents by insisting them to construct toilet.In the FY 2017-18, 1,436 sessions were conducted and 72,333 students were provided with awareness.
  1. Financial Literacy Sessions (9th): Financial literacy session aims to bring awareness among the children on how to manage money in their day-to-day activities and also the importance of healthy finance management. The message is communicated by making children to play the game “Play Paisa”. The game along with fun gives them holistic knowledge on how to manage the finances in day to day basis.
  2. Carrier Guidance Sessions (10th): Students from 10th standard are provided with information on the various options available with them after for higher education upon the completion of schooling. The focus is to help students to make a correct decision about their future by helping them to build a goal to fulfil their vision. Students are counselled on the importance of identifying their interest and pursuing them.


Two Gram Panchayats, Hosa Vantamuri in Belgaum and Urdigere in Tumkur district were selected for Sugrama program. All 26 select villages from two Gram Panchayats were adopted as part of the Sugrama program in 2014. The three main objectives of the program are

  • To make the villages ODF (Open Defecation Free)
  • Provide access to Safe Drinking Water
  • Waste Management
  • Hosa Vantamuri Gram Panchayat, Belgaum District: Hosa Vantamuri Gram Panchayat situated 14kms away from Belgaum, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Bhutaramanahatti The total geographical area is 818.49 hectares and has a total population around 1,940 peoples. Hosa Vantamuri is a rehabilitated Gram Panchayat with Scheduled tribe community. Based on our three objectives Hosa Vantamuri Gram Panchayat along with ten villages, Hosa Vantmuri, Bomanatti, Bhuthramnahatti, Halabavi, Malaholi, Maranhol, Parshanatti, Ramdurga, Sutagatti, Ukkad having 2188 households were adopted for this program.
  • Urdigere Gram Panchayat, Tumkur District: Urdigere Gram Panchayat is located in Tumkur tehsil of Tumkur district in Karnataka, India. It is situated 17kms away from Tumkur, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Urdigere village. The total geographical area of village is 687.83 hectares. There are about 862 houses in Urdigere village. sixteen villages Bellibattalahalli, Bevinahalli Palya, Devarayana durga, Kodegehalli, Kuruvelu, Nagayyana playa, Nagoji Playa, Narasayyana Playa, Ramavenkatayyana playa, Ramayyanapalya, Shathagatta, Shettarapalya, Siddalingayyana Playa, Urdigere, Urdigere Tent, Yakoji having 1,556 households were adopted in 2014 under this program.


Over the year CreditAccess Grameen also adopted the new culture through support by helping the request of people from various communities and government officers. A few ad-hoc initiatives executed in the FY 2017-18 are below

  1. Chair Distributions to Jagalur Police Station:
    CreditAccess Grameen as part of its Branch Level Community Development Activity in Davanagere district donated 20 plastic chairs to Jagalur Police Station. The program was held on 26th January 2018. Jagalur police department officials were very happy with this initiative and shared their appreciation towards the CreditAccess Grameen rural orientation to help women. The event was cherished by all the Jagalur police officers, Officials of Jagalur Police Station requested CreditAccess Grameen staff to extend their support to other departments as well.
  2. Plants Distributed to Grameen Koota Customers:
    CreditAccess Grameen along with CSR partner Navya Disha organized Social awareness campaign (SAC) at Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The program was held on 1 July 2017. Total 220 CreditAccess Grameen customers participated in the SAC program.On the same day, State Government of Maharashtra declared as a Planation Day and sent a circular to all the officers of Maharashtra to seed 7 crore plants.  Therefore, the government officials requested CreditAccess Grameen staff to create awareness about sapling plants and save tree along with water and sanitation to Grameen Koota customers. On Planation Day, CreditAccess Grameen Distributed around 400 fruit Plants and ornamental plants to all the Grameen Koota customers and guests.Sri. Dipak M Mugalikar, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Aurangabad, Mr. Peeraje Laxman Sormare, Additional Collector, DC Office, Aurangabad and seven other Government officers were attended the program. This was very good initiative and collaborative approach to bring the soil and environment free from pollution by planting. Appreciated by all the members and officials also acknowledged the responsibility taken by the CreditAccess Grameen to keep our community pollution free, it’s very important to keep our environment with green and pollution free by saving trees and plant saplings.