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Grameen Koota to Hold Sanitation Workshops across its branches in Maharashtra

Toilets may seem as a frivolous topic, but the truth of the matter is that 2.6 billion people across the world do not have access to toilets and proper sanitation. Diseases like Cholera and Dysentery affects 3 million people each year owing to drinking of contaminated water containing faecal matter. With a view to ensuring all its clients understand the importance of a toilet, Grameen Financial Services Private Limited (GFSPL), has decided to hold simultaneous sanitation workshops across 43 of its branches in Maharashtra as part of its Socio Economic Development (SED) program on the 3rd of December. GFSPL's SED workshops aim at building clients' capacity in diverse areas including health, nutrition, AIDS awareness, insurance, Savings, Pension, social protection schemes etc. Scheduled to have been held on the 19th of November, the workshop in Maharashtra had to be cancelled owing to the untimely demise of Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray. More than 38,000 clients of Grameen Koota attended the 19th November sanitation workshops held in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The same kind of enthusiasm is expected from our clients in Maharashtra as well. This year's SED workshop consists of the showcasing of a film that emphasises the importance of a toilet and distribution of booklets describing the importance of toilet, safe drinking water & control of indoor air pollution. Additionally the clients of GFSPL will take a pledge towards eradicating open defecation. Speaking about the Sanitation workshop, Suresh.K.Krishna, MD, Grameen Koota, says, “Grameen Koota has always valued its clients and this workshop is just one more attempt on our part to spread the message of good hygiene and sanitation to all our clients.” Udaya Kumar, CEO, Grameen Koota, adds, “Our Socio Economic Development programs are held twice a year and we address different issues that affects the lives of our clients. This year the focus is on health and hygiene. We understand the problems that our clients face when it comes to financing the construction of toilets, we therefore have ways in which we can assist them avail of loans to build toilets. In the last 13 years we have supported customers to build toilet by providing financial assistance” With over a lakh of Grameen Koota clients expected to be part of this workshop, the awareness on sanitation will be ensuring that many of them internalise the message of the Sanitation program and work towards building toilets in their homes.   About Grameen Koota: Grameen Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (GFSPL) is a registered non-banking financial company(NBFC) actively engaged in the microfinance sector. We are active in the three states oif Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Our services are focussed towards the rural poor and low income households particularly women by providing them with financial assistances and other non-financial services. GFSPL's financial services include microcredit and microinsurance, while our non financial services consists of training, education and awareness creation. Creation of equal opportunities and inclusive development of both urban and rural poor is what inspires us to strive ahead.   To know more please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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