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Social Awareness Campaigns (SAC)

Customer Education is an important aspect of Grameen Koota’s culture. As part of our Micro-Credit plus activities, we conduct periodic Social Awareness Campaigns (SACs), earlier known as Socio-Economic Development (SED) workshops, for our customers in all our operational areas. These campaigns draw participation from the entire community. The objective of the Campaigns is to build customers’ capacity on relevant issues like health, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, nutrition, family planning, income generation activities, enterprise development, law and financial literacy.

Links are also being developed with other institutions so that our customers can benefit from their products and services such as group insurance, personal insurance, health insurance, pension schemes, cottage industries and group enterprises including training in Panchayat Raj and other developmental programs at the government level. Resource persons at these workshops are experts from government departments, corporate houses, NGOs, hospitals, police and lawyers. Every year two such workshops are conducted in every Grameen Koota branch.



Grameen Koota’s Jagruti program was created as an awareness building tool, with a vision to empower our customers by providing them with information. We conceived the concept of Jagruti after a rigorous process of deliberations with women as the target group, key stakeholders (within and outside the MFI) and leveraging design-thinking principles. We crafted and positioned the persona of Jagruti as a trusted friend of women and decided that letters should be the means of communication with Jagruti's audience given that storytelling has always been a critical channel of providing information in India.

Letters written by Jagruti are read out at the center meetings every week. The letters are written in an engaging colloquial and lively tone. They cover a range of relevant issues such as health and hygiene, sanitation, drinking water, financial literacy including importance of savings and money management, government schemes, micro-entrepreneurship, trafficking and HIV/AIDS. An impact assessment study of Jagruti revealed that these letters have been successful in spreading awareness on key issues, with an overwhelming proportion of customers reporting high levels of engagement with these messages. It has had a measurable and lasting impact on customer awareness levels and has resulted in a perceptual shift in their mindset.

Jagruti is implemented across Grameen Koota branches in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu and continues to educate our customers every week on a new topic.

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