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CSR Policy

Grameen Koota's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Grameen Koota, in compliance with Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, is incorporating in its structure Corporate Social Responsibility projects through this Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) Policy. This Policy covers all the internal dimensions of the CSR structure and further captures and sets out the process of implementation of the CSR related activities.


To ensure implementation of a policy framework that stimulates, fosters, recognizes, supports and facilitates continuing growth and application of the best practice in CSR.

To bring sustainable development in the identified areas (as specified below) selected by the CSR committee as the focal point of the Grameen Koota CSR Policy.


This Policy shall apply to all the CSR projects undertaken in any branch or office of Grameen Koota, whether such project is executed in collaboration with any other company or on its own. It shall also apply to all the employees of Grameen Koota, whether directly or indirectly involved with any of the below mentioned CSR projects.

Grameen Koota CSR Committee
The members of the Grameen Koota CSR Committee are as below:
Mr. M.N. Gopinath        :  Chairperson
Mr. Prabha R                :  Member
Mr. Anal Jain                :  Member
Mr Udaya Kumar          :  Member

Identified areas for Grameen Koota CSR Project

In consonance with the activities specified in the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, the Grameen Koota CSR Committee has identified the below areas, for the accomplishment of which Grameen Koota will structure its CSR Policy:

Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting preventive health care and sanitation and making available safe drinking water.

Promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocational skills especially among children, women, elderly and the differently abled and livelihood enhancement


Implementation Agency

Grameen Koota has chosen Navya Disha Trust to implement its CSR activities. Navya Disha Trust is registered in Nov. 2005 (Registration No. BNG(U)-JNR-IV/422/2005-2006) as non profit organization having tax exemption status under 80G & 12A of Income Tax department. Navya Disha since 2007 has been successfully been working with Grameen Koota in implementing

various non financial activities in the areas of health care, special education to children, water, sanitation, Indoor air pollution, training women on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, vocational training for rural youth etc., across the operational areas of Grameen Koota. Navya Disha has raised grants from various national & international donor agencies apart from receiving financial contributions from Grameen Koota.


The Chairperson and the Managing Director of Grameen Koota are also trustees of Navya Disha along with other two independent trustees. Hence Grameen Koota would like to leverage the expertise and collaborate with Navya Disha by providing it financial support and working them to develop & implement the projects across the working areas of the company in the areas of water, sanitation, special children to education and poverty alleviation projects. Both institutions agree to work on the CSR projects mentioned below as they share the vision of creating clean, healthy and sustainable livelihoods for the development of the country.

Grameen Koota would provide upto 5% of its profits for the projects which would be implemented in the working areas of the company by Navya Disha every year.

Locus of CSR Projects

The CSR Projects would be implemented in the operational areas of Grameen Koota in Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and other states as the company expands its operations.

Structure of CSR Projects

Grameen Koota CSR Projects neither include any activity undertaken in the normal course of business of Grameen Koota nor include contribution to any political party under section 182 of the Companies Act, 2013. For the accomplishment of the above identified areas, Grameen Koota would work in partnership with Navya Disha Trust, a public charitable Trust which specializes in the areas of water & sanitation to develop & implement the following projects as suggested by the CSR Committee and such projects have been duly approved by the Board of Directors:

Water & Sanitation: The objective of this project would be to provide support poor households both in rural & urban areas to have access to safe sanitation systems and safe drinking water. In order to achieve this objective Grameen Koota would work provide grant funding to Navya Disha who specialize in the areas of water & sanitation to develop projects & implement in the working areas of Grameen Koota.

Special Education to Children: The objective of this program is to create responsible future citizens by providing awareness on non-traditional education topics which are not covered in regular school syllabus. The target group includes school children in the age group of 6 to 16. The schools include government, private, aided and un-aided schools. The topics chosen for this program - Child Rights, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Financial Literacy, Waste Management and Environment.

Extreme Poverty Alleviation Project: There are several people who are struggling to meet their basic needs in the society. These members cannot be reached by microfinance activities. These people are suffering in life as they are unable to engage it meaningful livelihood activities and are surviving with very little support from the society. The project aim is to identify such struggling members in the society and help them to come out of extreme poverty by providing them technical, financial, medical & psychological support. Institutions like Grameen Bank, Bangladesh & Brac have developed & successfully implemented Extreme Poverty Alleviation programs. Grameen Koota would work with Navya Disha to develop similar projects and implement it in its areas of operations.


Finance/Corpus for CSR Projects

Navya Disha shall present to the CSR Subcommittee of the board its annual plan of activities along with budgets beginning of every year.

CSR Subcommittee shall present to the board the details of the projects & budgets approved.

Grameen Koota would provide financial support for implementing the projects approved upto 5% of profit after tax every year within 30 days of approval of the annual audited financial statements.

Navya shall submit a half yearly progress and status report on the activities and budgets utilized in line with the CSR requirements of the companies act to the CSR Subcommittee.

Grameen Koota would engage an external evaluator (either CA or any other professional firm) to evaluate the project achievements and verify & confirm utilization of the budgets
on an annual basis at its own cost.


Training of Employees 

Grameen Koota will train its own employees as well as personnel of the Implementing Agencies through institutions, with established track records of at least three financial years, to build their CSR capabilities. Any expenditure incurred therein will not exceed five percent of the total CSR expenditure of the qualifying company in the respective financial year.

Agreement between Grameen Koota & Implementation Agency

Grameen Koota would enter into an agreement with Navya Disha Trust detailing the roles and responsibilities of each party. Navya Disha would take the responsibility of acting as the CSR implementing agency of Grameen Koota & implement the CSR projects in the operational areas of Grameen Koota. Grameen Koota would provide financial support to Navya Disha for implementing the projects of water, sanitation, special education to children and also in instituting building of Navya Disha by providing small corpus grant for next 5 years. The overall financial assistance from Grameen Koota would be limited to a maximum of 5% of its profits. Grameen Koota would also provide support in mobilizing the community and organizing workshops. Navya Disha would present to Grameen Koota CSR Committee annual budgets, activities undertaken, project progress & status, annual audited financial statements & annual auditors fund utilization certificate. Navya Disha will ensure it continues to hold tax exemption status under 80G & 12A. Navya Disha can continue to raise more funds from various national and international donor agencies for its other projects.

Reporting & Monitoring

Navya Disha would provide detailed report of activities and budgets utilized as per the companies act format to the CSR committee.

CSR Committee would monitor the implementation of the CSR projects is in line with the companies act and the funds provided by the company are utilized by Navya Disha appropriately and report to the board of directors of Grameen Koota

The Board of Directors will submit a report, the format of which is specified under the Annexure to the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014. Such report will be submitted by the Board of Directors in the annual general meeting pursuant to sub-section (3) of the section 134 of the Companies Act, 2013.

If for any reason Navya Disha is not able to utilize the entire funds provided by the company, such unutilized funds would be retained by Navya Disha as corpus and this fact would be reported in the annual report of the company.


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